Get support today with professionals who are also learning how to build careers that give them 
the freedom and income to live 
on their terms.
The Freelance Accelerator Program for Women looking to become fulltime freelancers online and work from anywhere in the world! Digital nomadism at its' finest with a community of support to cheer you on along the journey!
The Freelance Accelerator program is for women committed to making the switch to full time freelancing so they can 
work from wherever, whenever they want. 

This is for you if you're ready to make the investment in switching to online work full time and know that support is what you need to take the leap of faith and make this happen alongside a community of women that have your back along the way.

You'll learn how to build a profile, send proposals that get you clients and replace your income as a freelancer in 6 months.
The Freedom Project is for aspiring digital nomads with a passion for sharing their services but in an 
online environment from anywhere. 

You’ll learn the most critical skills to set up your freelancing work and 
get clients online in 6 weeks!
The Clarity Project is for women looking to gain focus, and understanding of what their genius zone is, and how they can use it to build a career that feels good 
while bringing in a great paycheck too. 

You’ll learn the most critical elements of building a career with confidence and huge impact, without settling in 12 weeks!
Meet Mary
By using the skills she learned in a Kickstart Your Work Course
and without any previous experience or training, 
Mary started her own career path on her terms
quit her underpaying stressful job and now has the freedom, clarity and confidence 
to make her own career choices and design her own schedule (including her trip to Vancouver BC!) 
Meet Rose
After going through the Clarity Project, Rose went on the get her first paid singing performance, get a paid position in a music department at an American university, and most importantly feel good about navigating her career journey on her terms, without compromising! 
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