Our Thoughts on Career Design
Our Thoughts on Career Design
Feeling Stuck? Answer These 3 Questions to Get Back on Track
By: Kalyna Miletic 
kalyna miletic kickstart your work blog on getting unstuck and building a lifestyle career
As we go through our days we are checking things off of our to-do lists, meeting deadlines and trying to support those around us. It may seem difficult at times to carve out the time to consider where we’re headed, what we’re really working toward, and what the purpose of our daily actions really is. It’s easy to make excuses and shift the blame to external factors that are not in our control.

Does this sound like you lately?

If only I had ____, then I would be doing ____.

I can’t do ____ because I’m not ____ enough.

I don’t know what to do next and ____ is stopping me from figuring it out.

When you take your life into your own hands and decide you’re no longer going to accept the status quo, then your actions start to change. When your daily actions start to change, then your life changes too.

Answer these three questions and you’ll be clear on how to move into creating more feel-good days. 
That’s the first step to changing where you’re headed and what your life will look like in the future.

1) How do I want to feel right now?

This may seem simplistic, but allocate 10 minutes and get into detail. Move beyond “happy” and “successful.” Get into the details of how you want to feel throughout your day. Think about what feelings you want to have upon waking up, during your day and before bed at night. Does being loved and respected resonate with you? Do you want to feel you’ve helped others or built something every day? 
Write down 3 or more emotions that you would like to experience on a daily basis.

2) What makes me feel the way I want to feel?

List the different environments, people, places, activities, and topics that make you feel your desired feelings. These don't have to be practical or work related, and don’t have to “sound good.” This is for you. If knitting and making flan get you excited, write these activities down under this question. Being authentic about what you like to do and what makes you feel positive is the first step to finding lasting satisfaction.

3) What small change can I make today, right now? 5 4 3 2 1, GO!

Out of the list you created above, pick at least one thing that you can add to your day every day this week. It can be as small as making yourself a tea each morning. Tell someone close to you about this new goal and ask them to check in with you to ensure you remain accountable to this small change. Also, check in with yourself throughout the week and see how you feel after doing this new thing which is just for you.Once you’ve tried out this three step process, add another feel good activity to your week or day. If your concern is limited time ask yourself: “What do I dedicate time to that doesn’t make me feel positive and could be better utilized on different activities?"

Look out for the next part of this personal growth series that will focus on how to examine your personal story and move beyond any limiting beliefs that you have created for yourself.

Please share your thoughts or experience in our tribe using these questions to gain clarity and bring more positive feelings into your daily life, one step at a time!
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Your Guide to Moving 
Beyond “I Can’t”
By: Kalyna Miletic 
It’s so easy to shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to making decisions.

“I can’t do the advanced yoga class I’ll never be able to do a headstand.”

“They don’t like me because they waited 47 minutes to text back, so I guess I should just give up now.”

“Even though Mary is doing it, I’m just not as (insert adjective) as she is.”

“I don’t have enough time, so I won’t go to the gym this week or year.”

We create these stories in our heads about why we’re not good enough, why we can’t, won’t, shouldn’t or just aren’t meant to be doing certain things because of who we believe we are (or are not).

From a young age, my grandparents told me, “Kalyna, you’re smart, you’re good at math, you’re strong and be tough”. At 4 years old I decided I was a tomboy who played soccer and didn’t like all of the girly things my friends did. Then one day around age 15, when I liked Brandon, I decided I might wear mascara and even eye shadow. I will share that eye shadow at a movie theatre at 3pm on a Saturday might’ve been a bit much, but I tried. I’ve since struggled with the idea that I can be feminine and still enjoy the sports I love. Is it possible to be the girl that plays volleyball on the beach and then goes dancing, does yoga and all things “feminine”? (I still don’t understand fake eyelashes…so I guess it’s a work in progress.)

Nothing ever actually stopped me from wearing makeup or dancing… except for that voice in my head that said I wasn’t thin enough, girly enough and that I wouldn’t fit in. It was all completely in my head and yet it totally altered the actions I was willing to take because of what I had repeatedly told myself. I decided without any actual proof that it wasn’t “me” and therefore I couldn’t take part even though I wanted to.

What do you tell yourself that resembles my inner dialogue? Are you supposed to be tough and manly, which means a yoga class is not in the cards for you? Are you not smart enough to take a science course or good enough at math to sort out your personal finances?

These stories that we repeat to ourselves on a daily basis become our realities because we don’t do the things we want to be doing as a result.

I gave up pretending that dancing, karaoke, and yoga isn’t for me, and have gotten up in front of a mic a few times, because the only one stopping me was myself.

What limiting beliefs are you holding onto about yourself that are hindering your ability to move forward?

3 Questions to Move Past the Belief and into Action:

1.     Is there (real) evidence to support what I’m thinking?

I mean true evidence from experience or an external source, validating that you actually can’t do something. If your grandma once told you that you could never be a professional ice cream taste tester (yeah, it was super hurtful) that doesn’t count. Be truthful with yourself. Is this coming from a fear of failure or rejection? Could you try this out once (or twice) and see how it goes? What do you really have to lose from trying it out?

2.     What is the positive version of this belief?

If you’ve decided you will just never be a ballerina, how might you flip that assumption on its head and challenge it? Instead of taking that negative fear and allowing it to control your actions, identify an opportunity to actually try the activity in real life, instead of living in your head. You absolutely might fall on your face, but you just as likely might love it and be great at it. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll have a pretty great story to share as a result.

3.     What next step would I take if I was completely confident about my abilities?

So, you know that voice in your head that has been sabotaging you this entire time, I invite you to put it aside and fill in this phrase:

If I was completely confident in my ability to ______________ I would ___________.

Take the next small step and commit to the class, date, trip or interview.

Bonus: How do I stay accountable to this new way of thinking and doing?

Tell a supportive friend, mentor, partner or parent about this new thing you’re going to try. Set the date you’re going, and let them know how it goes. We all have similar fears of failure and it’s important to remember you’re not alone! Telling someone else increases your likelihood of following through with it. Better yet, invite them to try that pole dancing class with you, they might’ve been wanting to go themselves!

Keep your eyes open for the third part of this series where I explain how to identify the noise coming from others and move past it in order to make authentic decisions.
Want more from your 9-5??
Do you ever think:


I live for the weekend girl

I feel like something isn't right with work, but can't pinpoint what

There's no point in trying anymore at work

My raise is just NOT happening, no matter how hard I work, where's my bonus?!

I keep giving and giving without appreciation, enough is enough already

MY job is why I go to happy hour...
Start Making Personally Fulfilling Decisions That Leave 
You Feeling Great!
By: Kalyna Miletic 
kalyna miletic blog post on kickstart your work about making decisions that leave you feeling great!
Your mom says you definitely have to go to grad school. Your best friend told you that it’s way too early to settle down. Your grandma keeps asking why you’re not married yet. Your girlfriend wants to move in together. Your dog wants to go camping. Your academic advisor says you should hands down be a lawyer because you’re amazing at arguing over your final grades. Your manager believes it would be best for the team if you worked this weekend.

Who do you listen to? Which opinions are valuable and which ones are pulling you away from what you truly want?

You can’t make good decisions for yourself if you’re always focused on what another person is saying. That’s anyone who gives you advice that they’re certain you should follow, or else. Or else what? If you don’t settle down, or become a lawyer, are you doomed to fail?

Following other people’s advice is a crutch, and it’s easy because then you’re not responsible for the outcome. If you want to live in a way that is personally fulfilling, you have to take responsibility for the choices you are making and your life's direction. That puts you back in control and makes you the only person responsible for your decisions.

We are given constant judgments and opinions throughout the day from strangers, media, friends and co-workers. It’s not a new concept that we’re inundated with ideas of how we should live every minute we’re awake.

So, what do you do about it?

When you’ve got to make a decision, and you’re not sure who exactly you’re making it for, take a minute alone. I mean no phone or Netflix in the background. Alone. Physically remove yourself from every outside source that is clouding your judgment.

Then consider this:

 1. Did I come up with this idea or was it someone else?

Our minds fool us all the time. Is this something you would do if no one else knew about it? Do you feel guilty about letting someone else down or being judged by them if you don’t make the “right” choice?

2. How do I feel about the potential outcome of this decision?

Be honest with yourself here, you’re the one who wins. Am I excited by the idea of going camping for the weekend with friends or is the beach more desirable? Does engineering or taking care of patients make me energized, or are those the safe choices that Dad wants me to make?

We constantly convince ourselves out of what we want. Don’t discredit your feelings. We’re told to be logical, except when you’ve been at a job for 6 months and never want to get out of bed in the morning, that says something logic might not identify.

It’s easy to tell yourself that something another person wants for you is actually what you want. When you think about being a lawyer, doctor or parent does that make you feel good/energized/positive, or do you feel wrong/bad/uneasy? Navigating these feelings is tough and takes some real guts. The good news is that you already have the answers, right now. All you have to do is be real with yourself about the feelings you have and make choices that keep your best interests in mind when it comes to the way you choose to live your life.

3. Make the choice that feels good/right/honest/authentic.

Try this once or twice and tell me I’m wrong when I say it feels amazing. Blow off the plans with the acquaintance that you’ve been dreading. Stay in and eat ice cream because you won’t enjoy being out at a club if it’s not where you truly want to be.

Oh, and the judgement from everyone else? They will absolutely get over it. If they don’t, it’s your life that you’re living, not theirs. More often than not if the people close to you see you happy that’s all they want anyway.

The more we make choices that resonate with us, feel good and are aligned with what is important to us, the more fulfilled we feel on a daily basis. Accepting responsibility for our life and the decisions we make also puts us back in the driver’s seat which gives us the power to do just about anything.

Sticking with your current decision-making process is giving you predictable results. 

Are you happy with them?

I bet, deep down you know you could be doing better somehow.

What’s the missing piece? Authenticity.

Being real with yourself is where the process of changing your life starts.

Make a choice based on what you need today and let me know how it goes in the free KickStart Knockouts Tribe!!
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OK so I know I don't want to stay at my job but...

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How to (Actually) Accomplish Your Goals and Live Your Dream Life
By: Kalyna Miletic 
I have this big dream, a vision of owning a beach house, and having a family. I know I want to be a successful business owner, and I want to help people all over the world.

Maybe you have big dreams. They may be deep down because people around you have also dimmed theirs, but you have them.

What stops you from achieving your biggest dreams and goals? What stifles some people into complacency, while others live the dream and take charge of their lives?

I’ve dedicated a lot of time to figuring out not only how to define your vision but how to get closer to it every single day.

Here are three actions I’ve discovered make it a lot easier to create the life you want, because it is possible for anyone with a little help*.

(*This means being committed to do what it takes in the long run. Overnight success usually takes an average of 7-10 years.)

1. Find a Supportive Community

Most societies have rituals, structures, and processes when it comes to different stages of life. Somehow, with our busy schedules and deadlines the sense of community in North America has been lost, especially when it matters most. Of course, most people show up to funerals and weddings, some show up to birthdays and anniversaries. But what happens day to day, as you take the small actions that lead to fulfilling your bigger vision? Do you have a community to depend on?

While we’re in school we have teachers and friends, we go on to work and we have departments and teams, but are those communities encouraging you to achieve your (authentic) life vision? Where is the community that will support you to pursue something that goes beyond the 9-5 assembly line and says it’s encouraged to design your career and lifestyle, on your terms?

When I first started business school, and again when I finished my coaching degree I thought I could create whatever I wanted on my own, that I didn’t need the support of anyone else to make it happen. I was severely wrong and hindered my progress for over a year because of my resistance to finding a community, and support.

No matter what school you’re in, or job you do, we all need a community that supports us to go beyond what we’re comfortable with and pursue our bigger goals.  Without that, you are at a severe disadvantage compared to those with a community that supports creating a life that is authentic to what is important to you.

2. Ask for help

Getting help doesn’t make you weak, it makes you stronger than the “tough” guy who thinks they can do it all alone. Who decided we have to post these perfect lives on Instagram and then actually navigate the challenges alone?

We all act like we have it figured out (I’m totally guilty of this) when really we’re all fearful of the unknown. There are many uncertain outcomes in our careers, relationships, and health. With coaching, I’ve worried about what people will think, what their judgments will be and if I should just do something conventional so I don’t ruffle too many feathers. The problem with that became that unless I went outside of the norm, and challenged the status quo, I didn’t feel good about the work I was doing. If I stayed on the conventional track, how could I support anyone to go after their big (scary) goals? When I started asking for help, found mentorship and truly realized that I don’t have to do everything on my own, everything became not only a little easier but actually more successful as well.

3. Focus on Daily Actions

Maybe you want to be more productive, or start your own business. It may sound exciting to buy your first home, get that dream job or travel the world for a year. What separates people that reach their goals and those that continue to dream is the willingness to take small actions dailyto get there. Sustained effort over the long run is what creates change.

Take your big goals, the ones that seem too big to even get started and break them off into bite size pieces.

I want to buy a house in 5 years
I want to change careers
I want to save more money this year

Turns into

I save $ ___ of my weekly/daily income
I am applying to ___ jobs every day
I am researching new jobs/careers for ___ minutes every day
I wake up at ___ every day so I can be more productive
I go to the gym ___ times per week

By acting upon small daily changes, you make your way toward your goal. Instead of focusing on the end result shifting the focus ensures the small steps forward are being made.

When using these three strategies, you’re far more likely to follow through with that bigger vision. 

This may seem like common sense, but check in with yourself:

Do you have a community that supports what you’re working toward?

Is that goal authentic and if not, what community would support your authentic** goals and vision?

Have you asked for support with the parts of your vision you’re unsure about?

Have you set daily goals that will move you closer, one step at a time, to that bigger vision?

If you need support or have feedback, please reach out to me
I’m very interested to hear about how these three actions help you to live your dream life!

A big thanks to Erickson International  for supporting me, my work and publishing this article and others on their amazing blog!
Ok so I want some help making this happen...

1) How can I (Kalyna) help?

We'll meet together with a coffee or tea over the phone for 45 minutes and I'll explain the 3 exact steps you have to take to get started. 
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2) What is a lifestyle career?

It means making money, with flexibility to take care of yourself, hit a yoga class, go to lunch with a friend AND make an impact in this world that you're excited about every single day. This is making a career on your terms, while living the life you decide to live. 

3) Are you sure I can do this? 

If I, a normal girl from small town Canada, can make it happen, you can too! Guaranteed.
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