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Coaching services support retention of your people by adding personal and professional development to the toolkit you provide them, so they can continue to grow and learn within your organization.
Our _______ department has high turnover. People are leaving every six months and we keep having to train new hires. Turnover of staff is slowing down project success. People say they don't feel they can move up in the organization or grow in their roles.
Retain + Engage Your Talent
Support retention of your people by adding personal and professional development to the toolkit you provide them, so they can continue to grow and learn within your organization. We believe everyone has the capacity to be a top performer. 
Personalized coaching services to transform your workforce one person at a time one conversation at a time using solution focused coaching, accountability and measured skill development
We don't have a learning and development department yet. We have HR but they're not supporting all employees in their career path development on an individualized basis. We have some workshops and seminars throughout the year, but nothing continuous for our people on an individual monthly basis to improve their skills and check in on results.
Personalize Learning + Development
Rollout Kickstart's customized systems to support thousands of 
your employees with personalized development 
through one-on-one coaching.
Your whole team and company culture will shift and will benefit from a rollout of Kickstart's customized systems to support thousands of  your employees with personalized development  through one-on-one coaching.
We have some people who are on board, but there are few (or many) who really don't align with what we're accomplishing as a company and they're slowing down progress. We just got bought out and the acquisition has our culture divided. New leadership has our entire company in need of a shift to new cultural paradigms so we can succeed and grow the company going forward.
Shift Your Company Culture
Through coaching at all levels individually Kickstart provides company wide culture shifts to ensure your team is all on the same page working toward your organization's bigger mission.
Create high performance teams through investing in the personal and professional development of your people. Teams are comprised of individuals. Personalize the learning and development of your team using one on one career coaching services to create an aligned and happy workforce
We have team goals but often they aren't met. Not everyone is carrying their own weight and some are unwilling to really dive into producing results. It seems that some people aren't a great fit and others just aren't being supported to utilize their skills. We've got one person really negatively affecting the team.
Build High Performance Teams
Develop aligned and productive teams by focusing on the key skill development of its' members whether at the project or department level through weekly support and accountability.
Develop your entire workforce as leaders within their teams and as ambassadors of your company mission and values using coaching services
Some top performers get support and informal mentorship to develop their leadership skills. Many managers move up into their role without any formal training or skill development. We have people in leadership positions who aren't well-equipped or supported to fully maximize their results in the role. Our managers are burnt out and need support. 
Develop Leaders at All Levels
Support employees from all levels of your organization to become better leaders, turn change to their advantage, and move their careers forward. Kickstart does this through weekly coaching, tracking and reporting to create sustained behavioural change using skill development methodologies.
A group of working professionals transformed through one on one coaching services to increase skill development, develop sustained behavioural change and motivated for success
Our pace of adopting new ideas is slow and our processes are outdated. We need a breath of fresh air in our organization's workforce. The company feels stagnant. We could use a refresh of how we approach challenges and change within our different business units.
Transform Your Workforce
Equip employees from all levels of the organization to turn change to their advantage, and move their careers forward through weekly coaching to stay on track to transform from the ground up.
Kiss Rapid Turnover Goodbye
Kiss Rapid Turnover Goodbye
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